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7. Capping Shingles

Capping shingles provide the ultimate finish to the roof covering all hips, ridges and concealing the ridge vents.  The capping shingles on American Shingles roofs are colour matched to suit your shingle choice to provide a seamless, complimentary finish.

Various forms available

The capping shingles come in various forms and colours in easy to split bundles. They are mechanical fixed as with all other components in an American Shingles roof and can be hand sealed for maximum warranty compliance and roofing performance.

Hips Valley Vent A.jpg
Design advantages

The advantages of the American Shingles capping is that they are low profile unlike most of tile hips and ridges as well being able to cope with the complexity of many roofs. This allows the capping to be easily applied and lets designers free to roam with their designs. 

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