• Independence - Weathered Wood

    Independence - Weathered Wood

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  • Landmark - Charcoal Black

    Landmark - Charcoal Black

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  • Cedar Shingles

    Cedar Shingles

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  • Independence: Driftwood

    Independence: Driftwood

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  • Grand Manor: Gatehouse Slate

    Grand Manor: Gatehouse Slate

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  • Three Tab: Moire Black

    Three Tab: Moire Black

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  • Independence: Weathered Wood

    Independence: Weathered Wood

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American Shingles

We are an Australian supplier of American Asphalt and Cedar Shingles.

American Shingles are one of the most attractive roof linings available in Australia.

With an American Shingles roof, you can be sure of the benefits of a stronger, lighter and durable roof to enhance your building and create that point of difference and distinction. With our aesthetics and your imagination, American Shingles will provide a roof that will not only last the rigours of the Australian climate but turn heads as well.

American Shingles conquer the challenge of providing you with a unique but striking solution for the vast areas that roofs can occupy on a building.

American Shingles have been used in the US for over 100 years and you can be assured of performance and compliance for that extra piece mind. Feel free to look through our site and contact us regarding any queries you may have, we are here to help you make an informed decision.